What It Costs To Wrap A Truck vs A Billboard in 2024

What It Costs To Wrap A Truck vs A Billboard in 2024

A truck wrap is a very lucrative, interesting, and fun way to advertise your brand and business to others while on the go. What’s more! This type of OOH advertising leaves a guaranteed, lasting impression. 

Truck wraps can help businesses reach audiences in areas where billboard advertising may not be possible. It is a great way to promote professional services, local bars and restaurants, and many other businesses. 

With Ad spending on a continuous uphill journey, looking for ways to get the most out of your investment is natural.

The key to generating massive brand reach and visibility is to have effective marketing and advertising strategies while keeping costs to a minimum.

One of the secrets to effective branding is to make a perfect first impression that leaves a mark for a very long period of time. 

Many businesses might still prefer billboards over truck wraps. Sure, you might be skeptical about the overall cost of wrapping a truck. 

In this article, I’ll guide you through every aspect involving truck wraps vs billboards and how much it will take you to advertise your brand. 

Truck Wraps vs Billboards: 2024 Figures

Truck wrap OOH ads are installed on the sides of service delivery and goods transportation vehicles (in this case, trucks). This form of OOH advertising is simple and practical. You can simply cover the sides of the truck using a creatively printed billboard sheet. 

A well-designed and creative truck wrap will surely grab a lot of attention. Moreover, it has a lot of reach, both locally and internationally. 

Moving billboards and digital billboards, on the other hand, are hot commodities because of their innovative capabilities. 

It helps seamlessly fuse the brand’s message and virtual experience into the day-to-day lives of the targeted audiences. Billboards provide distinctive and profitable opportunities for various companies and brands to engage and grow their customer markets. 

Truck Wrap vs Billboard: Installation Costs

A professional truck wrap installation can cost you anywhere between $2.8k and $8k. The actual cost will depend on factors such as the total square footage of the area to be wrapped, colors, etc. 

So how much does it cost to wrap a truck? A rough estimate of what you’ll have to pay for a truck wrap:

  • Full Truck Wrap: $2.8k-$8k
  • Partial Truck Wrap: $1k-$3k.

Note: These are professional installation services.

Installation costs will vary depending on the type of truck and billboard size. 

  • Billboard: Billboard comes in various sizes and is usually measured in the number of required sheets. 

Typically, an 8-sheet (5×12) billboard ad for 6 months can cost between $7.5k and $10k. Moreover, layout sizes and scheduling also matter. Overall, time is a big cost factor when it comes to OOH ads using billboards. 

  • Truck Wraps: The cost of truck wrap installation will vary depending on the size of the truck and, of course, location. 

For instance; wrapping a 26′ truck in Las Vegas, NV, can cost you anywhere between $4.3k-$4.6k. Similarly, it’ll be about $6.5k-$7k for a 53′ trailer.

Take a look at Truckable packages and truck wrap ideas.

A small truck can take significantly less time and money as compared to a large trailer or truck. 

Take note: the truck can either have complex curves or flat surfaces. Usually, trucks with flat surfaces have a lesser installation time and cost compared to trucks with complex curves. Moreover, there are Removal Charges ($380-$750 depending on vehicle size) as well.

Truck Wrap vs Billboard: Cost Factors

So are you tempted by truck wraps or billboard ad campaigns? Both have their pros and cons. Billboards and truck wraps have similarities and marked differences. 

The cost of wrapping a truck or using a billboard is based on a variety of factors. You must consider them before investing.

Let’s take a look!

  • Design Costs

A creative design will make or break your ad campaign. It’s among the important factors a brand must consider. 

The success of an advertisement heavily depends on its design. You can find and use various creative graphics across varied price points. 

  • Production Costs

Production is another cost factor that one must consider; the cost of labor and materials involved in the overall manufacture. All wraps and billboards have different aspects. The higher the ad quality, the higher the production cost will be. 

The production features depend on:

  • Specialized or standard labor and materials. 
  • Short-term vs long-term promotional graphics.
  • The cost incurred in printing and digitalizing.

  • Lease and Usage

In most instances, you’ll also have to pay a lease for the billboards; the lease terms can be monthly, quarterly, or annually, depending on the consumer’s needs. 

The billboard’s location also plays a notable role in ascertaining the lease cost. However, billboard owners no longer allow a lease of >90 days. So, the ad will be permanently gone once your lease is up.

Truck wraps, though, can last you many years. You can have hundreds and thousands of impressions in a single day and, that too, in different areas. This doesn’t mean the visual impressions of a billboard are weak, but they can quickly turn into a concern. 

Years of mobile truck wrap advertising can be preferable and more profitable than a stationary billboard that will only stay for a month or two. 

Wrapping Up

Comparing the costs of a truck wrap and a billboard, the better and more affordable one, in my opinion, is the former. Not only are you getting more impressions, but you will also be promoting your brand for a longer time at much more cost-effective rates. Yes, billboards are indeed significantly more popular; however, truck wraps have a better audience reach and are the next big thing in OOH advertising.