For Truckers

Get Wrapped & Earn

Drive your normal routes. We wrap an Ad on your trailer – add up to $2,000/mo or ¢20/mi to your gross.

You Pick the Brands

Our advertisers come from all kinds of industries. You’re always the one in charge of which ads go on your rig and how much you’ll earn from them

We Get You Wrapped

We’ll set you up with a shop that installs an easily removable banner panel. We cover the cost of the installation and removal

You Drive & Get Paid

Download our tracking app and keep it on your smartphone. Just keep driving until the ad campaign is over and get paid weekly. We’ll remove the banner for free at the end of it

Who We Are

A Family of Truckers 👦👩👦

This is an idea born out of a family owned trucking business. Misha, the founder, is an immigrant who came to the US 10-ish years ago. In mid 2022, his family fled a war at home. After coming, his brother, a former sailor, and his mom, a former seamstress, got into hot shots. Although he only wanted to help them start a company and take out a truck loan, long behold he was dispatching their loads, doing accounting and managing the rest of the business.

At the beginning of 2023 the rates went in the gutter, and as Misha was driving the truck, he saw a billboard-sized empty space on the side of a trailer passing by – this is where the idea for Truckable was born.

Ready to Start?

Tell us about your fleet, where you drive and when you’re ready to start earning.


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