Top 9 OOH Advertising Companies

Top 9 OOH Advertising Companies

OOH advertising companies

“Ad spending in the Out-of-Home Advertising market in the United States is forecasted to reach US$9.64bn in 2024,” reports Statista. So why wouldn’t billboard and OOH advertising companies want a big chunk out of this?

OOH advertising offers a lucrative and enticing avenue for small and large companies alike. With ad bombardment becoming a daily ritual on most of the booming social & digital platforms, OOH ads surely are a breath of fresh air. The timing couldn’t be more apt, especially when ad costs on platforms such as YouTube and Google are through the roof (more than a 100% increase).

That said, I’ve curated a list of 9 of the largest outdoor advertising companies in the US and abroad. These global ad giants were not only ahead of time in terms of their foresight and ad tactics, but they have donned a reputable name for years now. 

9 Largest OOH Advertising Companies


APG SGA is in a league of its own when compared to other outdoor billboard companies in Geneva, Switzerland. 

The Swiss advertising company offers services that no other billboard media companies provide. It includes maintenance and installation of billboard panels; conceptualizing, financing, maintenance, and designing urban furniture; data analysis and collection of popular locations. 

The company, with over $309mn in revenue in 2018, has taken on a lot of projects, some of its notable projects include partnering with Sony to promote the PlayStation 360 and making a vehicle advertisement for Jodlerfest How.

8. OOH Media

The Aussie media company was founded by Brendon Cook in 1989. No other outdoor media companies in New Zealand or Australia can compete with OOH Media. They have over 30,000 advertising locations across airports, roadside, retail, bars, universities, office towers, and even in the virtual world. 

OOH Media might be the only company that gives back to its community. They have partnered with Two Good Co. (an organization that empowers, supports, and employs women who are at risk of homelessness). The advertising company has also worked with brands like The Body Shop, Dyson, Porsche, and more. Their estimated revenue in 2018 is around $361mn.

7. Global

Unlike other billboard companies, Global functions as a multi-media company that provides fascinating solutions to agencies, advertisers, and brands. 

Founded in 2007 in London, England, they focus on not only outdoor advertising but on other media aspects as well—radio and music apps, to be precise. The company owns several radio broadcasting channels that include LBC and Gold, Radio X, Classic FM, and 95-106 Capital FM. Their music app is called Global Player, which gives access to radio stations and unlimited music. 

Global surely has done a remarkable job of promoting itself in the field of outdoor advertising as well. They offer advertising in transit, theaters, and shopping malls. Their estimated revenue is considered to be $621mn in 2018. It has worked with known brands and companies such as McDonald’s, Volkswagen, Vodafone, Subway, Universal Studio, and many more. 

6. Outfront Media

The New York City-based media advertising company is surely among the largest outdoor advertising companies in the US. 

Established in 1938, it has been delivering the highest-quality billboards and outdoor advertising across Canada and the United States. The company also operates in the fields of social media campaigns, transit, and street furniture. 

Outfront Media has partnered with a lot of brands, such as Ben & Jerry’s, Jet Blue, Essentia Water, Amazon, Pepsi, and many more. 

The advertising company gained $1.602bn in 2018.

5. Lamar

Lamar was created in 1902 as a collaboration between J.M. Coe and Charles M. Lamar. It has become one of the leading mobile outdoor advertising companies, with over 340,000 billboards and other advertisements across Canada and the United States. It is still continuing to grow in terms of its popularity.

In 2018, they garnered over $1.627bn. They were able to gain so much visibility because of their eye-catching OOH campaign approach, which was different and unique compared to other outdoor agencies. 

4. Ströer

Based in Cologne, Germany, Ströer was founded in 1990. It leaves behind other top out of home advertising companies when it comes to the services that it offers. Fully integrated, personalized advertising, and end-to-end solutions regarding the sales value chain and marketing, are among the notable services. 

The leading advertising company endorses an approach called “OOH PLUS”, which mainly focuses on the effectiveness of OOH business. They do a lot of digital marketing and branding as well. As of now, they only operate in Germany.

Some of their known partners include Netflix, Adidas, Esprit, Coca-Cola, and Nike. In 2018, their estimated revenue was $1.869bn. 

3. Focus Media

Founded by Jason Jiang Nanchun in 2003, Focus Media is among the largest billboard companies in Shanghai, China. It runs the biggest OOH advertising network. The company mostly deals with online advertising and digital signage, such as vinyl or screens.

Focus Media started as a private company but went public in 2005, opening up its trades and markets on the US markets. However, in 2013, they returned to their roots as a private advertising giant. 

Although Focus Media specializes in immersive, interactive, and digital screens, they also provide movie theater advertising and static screens. In 2018, the company was among the few billboard ad companies that were able to gain revenue of $2bn ($2.201bn to be precise).

Currently, they operate only in Shanghai, China, and they boast a well-known client base including KFC, Nivea, BMW, Canon, Mercedes, Unilever, Audi, Clarins Paris, and Procter & Gamble, among many others. 

2. Clear Channel Outdoor

Throughout its establishment, it has changed its name three times; Foster and Kleiser in 1901, Eller Media Company in 1995, and finally Clean Channel Outdoor in 2001. Among the oldest outdoor ad companies in the US, it was also infused with the iHeartMedia group. 

The outdoor advertising company has left its mark on anything that can be considered outdoor advertising; from billboards, posters, and street furniture to bus shelters, subways, airports, and transit vehicles. Previously, they have worked with big names such as Audi, Uber, NASA, and Soft Signs 3D.

In 2018, they accumulated revenue worth $2.722bn. 

1. JCDecaux

The French OOH company, JCDecaux is among the top outdoor advertising companies worldwide. 

Founded in 1964 at Plaisir, Ile-de-France, France, this OOH ad company remains unmatched. The family-owned company operates in more than 80 countries and flaunts over 1mn advertising billboards and panels. 

One can easily say they are the global leaders in the field of OOH. In 2018, the company made a whopping $4.273bn in revenue. 

It is the only media company that is solely focused on developing outdoor billboards, street, transport, and furniture advertising. 

JCDecaux has made a name amongst other outdoor media companies owing to its playful, interesting, ambient advertising that is unlike any other.

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