Introducing OOH Advertising on Trucks

Truckable Launches OOH Advertising on Semi-Trucks

Today we’re launching Truckable – a platform for measurable OOH advertising on semi-trucks, box trucks and Sprinter vans.

After spending years in B2B tech and starting a trucking business in the early 2023, Misha, the founder of Truckable, saw an opportunity. The struggling trucking industry was in dire need of extra income, all while advertisers were competing for the consumer in the ever tightening economy

Truckable provides managed mobile billboard campaigns using its network of dozens of print shops and 1000s of truckers all over the US. As a marketing leader advertising with Truckable, you can focus on the ad itself, and not the logistics. After the details of your campaign are confirmed, Truckable takes care of printing, installation, tracking and ad removal at the end of the campaign.

OOH Advertising Dashboard

With Truckable Advertiser Dashboard, advertisers can track where their truck advertisement went, down to a specific road and mobile billboard. Marketing leaders can measure the performance of their campaign in real time with average CPM, impressions, driven mileage and more.

OOH advertising dashboard

Tracking down the attribution of your out of home ad campaign has never been easier. With our interactive map, you can see exactly where your ad went. Track the ads and align them with your brand uplift in that area.

Truckable ads dashboard provides the most reliable ad metrics in the industry. Our Impressions are based on the Annual Average Daily Traffic measurements from the US Federal Highway Administration. We also don’t count impressions at night, even if your ad is traveling on a lit up road in a city center.

Why Advertise on Trucks?

United States has the highest number cars and commercial trucks in the world per capita. We drive past large trucks on our way to work, from work, on grocery runs or wherever else we go. With the rates of traditional OOH steadily going up, getting 3 banners instead of 1 billboard is a no brainer. Especially since your 3 banners will only cost you half of what you would pay for the billboard.

Take your next OOH campaign further with Truckable! With detailed reporting, unbeatable CPM, and an expansive reach where traditional OOH can’t go, our platform ensures your next campaign will make a real impact on your brand.