Out of Home Advertising – The Next Big Thing in 2024

OOH Advertising – The Next Big Thing in 2024

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Gone are the days of fliers and fighting for that one small column in the newspaper for adverts that barely anyone checks at all. Now, in 2024, is the time for OOH Advertising or Out of Home advertising.

OOH ads are predicted to garner approximately USD 9.48bn in 2024 in the US alone. Thus, donning an ever-increasing annual market share.

This type of ad strategy has become vital as a marketing tactic for any brand hoping to stay afloat in this dog-eat-dog competitive industry. 

That’s why it’s extremely important for you as a business to be well-versed in all the ins and outs of Out of Home advertising. Knowing how exactly the OOH ads metrics work and what they offer for your businesses may very well turn out to be the key difference maker. 

What is Out of Home Advertising?

In short, it’s an umbrella term for all things advert that you can find outside your homes. Checkout ads, posters on bus shelters and subway stations, or billboards all come under OOH advertising.

Out of Home Media Formats

You can find various formats and types of OOH adverts. Interactive digital screens (or DOOH) and traditional 6-sheet posters are a few OOH formats. 

  • Digital Billboards
  • Bulletins
  • Cinema Advertising 
  • Spectaculars
  • Mural
  • Experiential
  • Bus stop & Subway ads
  • Rideshare Advertising
  • Street furniture
  • Poster
  • Wallscapes
  • Arenas and Stadiums
  • Mobile billboard and truck-side

Types of OOH Advertising

There are many types of OOH advertising but, for simplicity’s sake, can be categorized into:

  • Retail-based: You can find these OOH advert types in Malls, Shopping centers, Supermarkets, etc.
  • Transit-based:  Airports, City cars, Taxis, Subways, and on Buses.
  • Billboards: Digital (DOOH) as well as on Highway billboards.
  • Venue-based: Events, Bars, Pubs, etc.
  • Street Furniture: Pavement Screens, Telephone Booths, Bus shelters.

How OOH Advertising Actually Works

OOH ads have eased into our daily lives. It works by showcasing adverts to likely customers. Whether you’re running an errand, commuting to and from work, or simply going about your usual routine, you are bound to come across these ads.

You select the environment and location of OOH ads based on your Audience and unique Campaign Targets

Rather than constantly bombarding customers with sales gimmicks, Out of Home advertising subtly highlights businesses as normal and, more importantly, needed. Thus, allowing brands to reach out to customers more effectively.

Ads on Radio & TV and various other online ad tactics, on the other hand, have almost become redundant. These marketing strategies are rather annoying and desensitize potential customers, driving them away.

Benefits of Out of Home Advertising

Big brands and startups alike have started incorporating OOH advertising into all levels as a vital part of their marketing strategies. 

  • Brand Reach and Visibility

More and more brands are transitioning online. For a brand to stand out in the midst of all this has become excruciatingly difficult. With the web pages full of ads and ad blockers taking away even the little visibility, where do your ads go?

OOH advertising helps your brand avoid online saturation through creative innovation. Thus, magnifying your reach tenfold in high-traffic and busy areas and allowing you to reach your audience. These are among the biggest Out of Home advertising benefits. 

  • Cost-Effective and High ROI

According to OAAA reports, OOH advertising averages between $2-$7 and offers among the highest returns across all ad mediums. 

The study also showcases the incredible ROI for Billboards; an astounding 497%.

  • Versatile and Flexible

You can choose from a variety of locations and formats based on your marketing goals. It allows advertisers to select contextualized content, ad schedule ads, and program buying options making OOD (especially DOOH) extremely versatile and flexible to brands’ needs.

  • Offline-Online Harmony

OOH advertising brings your brand’s online and offline presence together. Out of home media enriches online engagement levels much more effectively compared to any other ad form. 

Kickstart Your OOH Journey with Truckable

To max out these benefits of Out of Home advertising, ensure to align your KPIs and target audience with OOH metrics. Programmatic scheduling, creativity, and apt locations are key for your OOH campaign to succeed. 

Tune into Truckable and unlock your brand’s potential with us today.