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Quantifiable OOH Advertising on Trucks

Advertise on Semi-Trucks | Track your Attribution, CPM & Impressions in a web dashboard

1. Select the Timeline & Targeting

Select the geography, duration and truck types. Target the entire country, a specific region or a metro area. Choose the trucks delivering to the businesses you care about: retailers, manufacturers, warehouses or residential

2. We Bring the Trucks

We’ll tap our network of 1000+ trucks all over the US to make it happen: from sprinters to dry van trailers, from local to nationwide

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Metrics, for the curious

Drill-down or dive-in, slice and dice it however you want: impressions, accrued cost, CPM, miles driven. See the totals and a breakdown for each truck unit.

OOH advertising metrics

Track them on a map

Measure attribution with a detailed view of each truck on the map. See an uplift in Dallas TX? Check the map, maybe one of your trucks took a picturesque route through downtown the day before.

OOH advertising tracking


What will be my campaign ROI / CPM?

The cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) is calculated based on the monthly fee set for the campaign, driven mileage tracked via our trucker’s mobile app and the AADT data collected from USDOT, assuming the average of 1.5 people traveling in each vehicle, for example:

 – A campaign is set to target Miami – West Palm Beach metro area, run for 6 months on 10 trucks and have the monthly fee of $1,800/truck per month: based on the logged mileage from 10 trucks at the end of the month, it would have generated 144 million impressions and cost $108,000 or $0.75 CPM

Let’s look at another example:

– A nationwide campaign is set to run for 6 months on 30 trucks and have the monthly fee of $1,000 per month per truckbased on the logged mileage from 30 trucks at the end of the campaign, the campaign will have generated 160 million impressions and will cost $180,000 or $1.12 CPM

Which analytics data can I access?

We’re constantly building out our advertiser dashboard feature set. Currently, the data is updated daily and the available metrics include CPM, projected impressions and miles driven

How soon can my OOH advertising campaign start?

The lead time from the campaign inception to the moment the first truck hits the road fully wrapped is approximately 4 weeks. Once you decided on the number of trucks and geo-coverage, we will reach out to our fleets to confirm the campaign – that takes about 1 week. At this point we provide the exact dimensions for creative assets, which would normally take another 2 weeks for a designer and your team to finalize. In the mean time, we book appointments at the wrap shop, where it takes another 1 week to get the trucks ready to hit the road.

How long do campaigns last?

Our shortest campaign can last just 2 months. However longer campaigns 6-12 months will give you better ROI: the longer the campaign – the lower the cost per month will be.

Where can I advertise?

Over 60% of our trucks drive nationwide. Regional ad campaigns are available in all regions, except the West (see the map in the Select Timeline & Targeting). City/metro area targeting is available in select markets.

Ready to Start?

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