Mobile Billboard Truck Advertising: Smart Targeting With Ad Analytics

Mobile Billboard Truck Advertising: Smart Targeting With Ad Analytics

Creative, efficient ad tactics and new technologies are imperative for organizations and businesses, especially SMBs, to reach their target audience. Mobile Billboard Truck Advertising is one such innovative ad metric. This is especially true with the entry of ad analytics data. By using such state-of-the-art metrics, it becomes possible to not only reach your target audience but also do so at the right time without wasting resources. And that is what I focus on at Truckable and offer such services to my customers. 

Some OOH-Ad Analytics Statistics

2023 was a very profitable year for businesses running data analytics to track growth and the exact impact of their advertising strategies. 

90% of US travelers notice OOH advertising,” reports the Out of Home Advertising Association of America. 20% reached out to businesses after seeing a directional OOH ad, out of which a whopping 70% ended up subscribing to OOH advertising services. That’s not all! After noticing OOH advertising, 66% consulted about the businesses using their devices. 

And if you’re ready for the finale: Statista estimates that by 2024, OOH advertising spending will cross over the $45bn mark globally. 

Advertisers in the US and the rest of the world will be much better off using various Ad Data and Analytics strategies. That is, if they want to reap and take a big bite out of this ever-dominating OOH advertising industry.

Mobile Billboard Advertising with Ad Data and Analytics

Ad data and analytics typically give you insights on a few metrics and help you impact your target audience.

Your sole focus should be where to showcase your mobile OOH ads to achieve maximum reach and the biggest impact. 

Ad data and analytics give you personalized insights on location, demographics, and, most importantly, consumer behavior. 

Let’s discuss each one in detail. 

Reach Your Audience with Geotargeting

If I were to single out one prominent feature of mobile truck advertising using data and ad analytics, it would very well be Geotargeting. Using OOH ads on trucks, you can reach busy neighborhoods and prime locations easily. 

You can very effectively locate busy intersections and areas with high foot traffic using location data. In this way, reaching the right audience, increasing your brand visibility, and having that needed impact become a reality. 

Such mobile OOH billboard metrics assist in identifying your audience using data from various mobile applications, social media, and even through GPS data.

This can help businesses funnel in their resources and focus their mobile ads on those locations, saving money and time. 

For instance, let’s say I’m launching a new product that caters mostly to young adults. By using location data, I can specifically target locations such as universities, colleges, and areas with a younger demographic. This will, in turn, increase conversions by driving higher engagement levels. 

Know Your Consumer: When & Where to Place OOH Advert Truck

The second-most attractive feature about data and ad analytics is definitely the statistics on consumer behaviour: when and where. Having access to such data and using it in your ad campaign can be a massive game-changer for your business. 

Knowing the correct location and time to showcase your mobile billboard truck advertising will further assist you in reaching your consumer base more effectively, with a much bigger impact.

For instance, a certain area receives a high volume of visitors during a certain time of day, say lunch time. You can purposely display your mobile ads during that time at that location if you have access to data on consumer behavior. 

Not only that, you will also have data on consumer behaviour based on searches, social media, shopping habits, etc. These metrics further help you hone in on your desired audience. 

Keyword Usage on Truckads and Mobile Billboards

When considering how and what keywords to use on Truckads and Mobile Billboards, there are two forces at play: Proximity and Prominence of Keywords on the ads.

The goal is to give your audience a gist of your product and services through efficient Keyword Proximity. Use the keywords in a way that helps your audience understand the key takeaways from your mobile ads. 

I strongly recommend against using difficult and sophisticated taglines and keywords. Imagine a mobile ad on a truck passing by; there’s barely time for you to take a peek, let alone read the entire thing. So, keep it simple. Use keywords that are easy to understand—something that will stay on your audience’s mind for some time. 

Another important aspect is where you are placing that keyword on the truck. Make sure to display it somewhere that’s highly visible to passersby. Your keywords must be highly prominent for your audience to make sense of them. 

Truckable Data and Ad Analytics for Mobile OOH Advertising

Data on audience location, consumer behavior, and efficient use of keywords form the foundation for effective mobile billboard advertising on trucks. Knowing when, where, and how to reach your audience through dedicated mobile ads is made possible with these ad analytics metrics. At Truckable, I and my dedicated team of experts use such metrics (and even more) to personalize your ad campaign based on your audience and business goals. Let’s discuss your campaign today.