Types of Outdoor Advertising Companies

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Types of Outdoor Advertising Companies Outside advertising is a recognizable and powerful medium in the busy advertising world, where getting attention is crucial. Outdoor advertising businesses in the UK are essential in determining brand visibility and consumer interaction, whether utilizing dynamic digital displays or tall billboards. Outdoor Media Landscape: The Basis of Billboard Companies Billboard … Read more

10 Best Industries to use Mobile Billboard Trailers

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10 Best Industries for Mobile Billboard Trailers Not every industry however is positioned perfectly to benefit from mobile billboard trailers. Say you are a marketing manager for a luxury one-of-a-kind restaurant – you’d be better off utilizing a traditional stationary billboard or a local magazine ad. If you are running a political campaign for a … Read more

Mobile Billboards vs Classic Billboard Advertising

Mobile Billboards vs Classic Billboard Advertising? For years, once a business decided to get into billboard advertising, they were giving up on OOH ad tracking. Although tracking is becoming more common on outdoor banner spaces today, it is only broadly available in large cities and suburbs. Another OOH option is advertising on transit: bus stops, … Read more

Introducing OOH Advertising on Trucks

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Truckable Launches OOH Advertising on Semi-Trucks Today we’re launching Truckable – a platform for measurable OOH advertising on semi-trucks, box trucks and Sprinter vans. After spending years in B2B tech and starting a trucking business in the early 2023, Misha, the founder of Truckable, saw an opportunity. The struggling trucking industry was in dire need … Read more